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More than 500 godchildren
One of our main projects is the successful support of more than 500 foster children in Mandalay and Mingung [More...]
Most welcome
We are a non-profit association supporting the education of children and young persons. The basic principles of our activities are: “Helping people to help themselves” and ”learning by doing”.. [More...]
We are looking for godparent hood
With a student as godchild you invest sustainably in the future.
Myanmar is, conforming to the UNESCO-list, one of the poorest countries in the world. The country
and its population need help. Just in the time of political change. We are directing our help especially to Mandalay and Mingun by supporting a monastery school and its students which offers education free of charge. And now we seek to find god-parents for young people who passed the matriculation exam and are willing to study at university.

You can support their studies with 36 Euro. They need the money for living and the university fees. It is paid to them in cash every month. Without support studying is impossible for them.
Please help!!! [More...]
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Our guidelines

We want to contribute to better living conditions in Myanmar.
The basic principles of our work are “Helping people to help themselves” and “Learning by doing”.
For us education is the key for a self-determined life.
We want to offer to our students a sustainable maintaining of living conditions.
Our godparents have to assume educational responsibility.
We administrate our financial resources with the highest grade of diligence towards our members and sponsors.
We cooperate with reliable partners in Myanmar.

Help and donation
We are looking for persons who are seeking meaningful responsibilities in this area.
The bright smile of the children may reward you.. [More...]

Cooperation with...
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 Project NTTC - The schoolhouse with teacher training center was officially opened in October 2013.



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