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We are a non-profit association and in Myanmar (Burma), one of the poorest countries in the world, we are engaged in raising the standard of education of children and young people. Here are our guidelines to enable people to rely on their own abilities and help themselves and Learning by Doing. In our opinion helping does not mean giving presents. Helping the people in Myanmar can only be effective if it gives them a chance to organize for themselves a life without hunger and need. Read more


  • Bridging aid during the Covid 19 pandemic: food donations

    Spende | Verein Help Myanmar e.V. | 28.01.2021

    A big thank you to all donors. On the pictures you can see that your money has arrived and is well invested:
    The pictures speak for themselves
    1. Win Aung, our manager on site, is proud to hand over the check of the Förderverein to the responsible persons of PDO. In front of him and U Nayaka are the donated bags of rice, the packages with toothpaste, toothbrushes and soap for daily needs.

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  • Large donation at the end of the year 2020

    Allgemein | Verein Help Myanmar e.V. | 21.01.2021

    ROBECO Switzerland Ltd, the Swiss branch of the asset management firm ROBECO, has donated 14.960 Swiss Francs to Foerderverein Myanmar. 10.00 Francs from the firm itself instead of Christmas gifts for customers and further 4.960 Francs from the staff who forewent gratifications for this purpose. With this donation, we can finance two of our most important training projects, TAP (Tourism Assistant Project) and TEAMS (Teaching English At Monastic Schools) for a whole year. Many thanks to ROBECO Switzerland and its staff

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  • A big thank you and a Christmas message

    Lebendige-Patenschaft | Öffentlichkeitsarbeit | Patenkinder | Verein Help Myanmar e.V. | 17.12.2020


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  • Every Year Again ...

    Öffentlichkeitsarbeit Help Myanmar e.V. | 17.12.2020

    the annual edition of “Mingalaba” comes out. “May blessings come upon you” is one possible translation of this everyday greeting in Myanmar. Every year around Christmas time a new issue is published with photos, reports, greetings and reports of important projects...

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  • Christmas Letters in the Time of Pandemic

    Patenschaften | Spenden Help Myanmar e.V. | 10.12.2020

    Although this year no “real” Christmas letters can be sent to the godparents, this does not hinder our godchildren to eagerly write letters, which we will send via email to the godparents. Despite the continuing lockdown some of our godchildren still stay on PDO campus. For those godchildren teachers from NTT C have organized a letter-writing-activity and give – especially to the younger kids – hints and ideas what they can write or paint…

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  • Donation

    We have set up a Paypal donation button here. If the donation goes through Paypal, you will automatically receive a donation receipt, because we know the sender address.

einige unserer Projekte


Seit 2001 haben wir mehr als 700 Patenschaften vermittelt.

School Mingun

Gute Schulbildung - Bessere Zukunft


Tourismus Projekt

Projekt zur Ausbildung von Tourismus Assistenten (Tourism Assistant) in Mandalay

What motivates us

Guidelines of the Förderverein Myanmar e. V.

  • Better living conditions in Myanmar
  • Helping people to help themselves
  • Education for a self-determined life
  • Providing sustainable living conditions
  • Responsibility assumed by sponsorships
  • Care and diligence towards our members and donors
  • Reliable partners in Myanmar

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